Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WARNING: DO NOT USE THE Rival De Loop Eye Mask/ Rival de Loop Hydro

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to come on here quickly and warn y'all about a product. It's not widely available (thank goodness), but especially in Germany, and anywhere they have the Rossmann brand of drugstore, watch out for them. Correctly they are called the Rival de Loop Hydro
Abschwellende Augenkonturenpads; like water-based swelling control pads (yeaaaah not my finest translatory moment). They're supposed to be cooling, to help tackle fine lines immediately, and help with dry skin. The packaging- I wish I had saved mine but I didn't know what was going to happen- looks like:
Now for some photo time. Let's go to my ipod photos first:

do y'all see that? Please tell me you can see that. I know the photos aren't the best quality, but still. A drunk rhino could see that.
More photos, about 24 hours later:

those little gel strips, BURNT their way across my undereye area. Literally burnt. The skin in that area is so tight right now, and it's preparing to start peeling. It was painful to have on, and I didn't have them on very long. They were painful to take off.. rather like one of those pore strips for your nose. They continue to be painful, long after both strips and box are thankfully in the trash where they can't burn anyone else.
Disclaimers: i'm just telling you what my experience was. I don't usually do that kind of thing, but this was serious enough. I'm not saying everyone is going to have the same reaction. It might work well for some people. All i'm is? approach with caution.
Now i'm off to schmear Tepez cream all over my eyes.

Nush puts together: THE TOP 5 EYESHADOWS OF 2015 (or of all time if you're dramatic) this may be the last installment of this BEST OF series for this year

Hi guys!
I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm here to bring you the last installment of my TOP 5/ BEST OF series for 2015. And ya know what we've missed? eyeshadows! I've been having this ultra-geeky back and forth with myself as to what the shadows would be, and the format.. like would we be talking about shadow pencils, or loose shadows, or just palettes, or what .. it's all been brooding away in my mind for weeks now (i'm really good at the mental brooding). So I decided we'd go a bit old-school, and skip pencils and other delivery methods entirely. So we'd focus on shadows, be they loose, in palettes, or in singles. I think I've come up with a few old faithfuls, and a couple of new surprises. I've also ranked them, which I know y'all like hehe, so let's get started.
5. Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows

I'd love to include all Catrice shadows in here, but as with most ranges, theirs are a bit hit and miss. That said I do use the Velvet Matt shadow Vanillaty Fair every single day, so clearly i'm a fan. These liquid metals though? I have yet to find a bum shade. They are stunning dry, stunning wet, stunning on the lid, stunning in the outer V ... you get it, they're stunning. There's barely any fallout as well, but they're richly pigmented- usually the two don't go together. These are also offered at a ridiculous pricepoint; i think about 5 bucks each in the states, around 4 euros in Europe, maybe cheaper still in Germany. It's all some Catrice voodoo, and it's got me under its spell.
4. Femme Fatale Pigments ... AND Naked Cosmetics pigments (we have a tie bitches!).  

 Two sets of pigments/ mineral eyeshadows stole my heart this year, and that is saying something. I bought about 60 loose pigments and glitters in a set about 2 years ago, and that's been all I've used since then in that format. Then these two products came into my life, and i'm the happier for it. Let's talk Femme Fatale first. If I've done my research right they are an Aussie company, and i'm not sure if or where they are offered in store. I ordered mine online off their website (they sell a lot of other branded items, but I only bought from their own brand). I was attracted to it mostly on account of al their duo/multi-chrome mineral shadows and nail polishes (you can get lost on their site just going through colour descriptions and so on). Anyway, I believe I got a set of slightly smaller pots, for a discounted price (you can choose a "mini" size with each colour purchase, which I greatly appreciate). I chose a lot of purples, but that was my doing. The shadows themselves are lovely. The pots have sifters (though that can get annoying), and are as mess free as loose shadows can get. Again, the shade range is what won the day here.

I stumbled upon Naked Cosmetics completely by accident. I was visiting my brother in Sydney, when I walked by a professional makeup store. Being from a land where there basically are no professional makeup stores, I was awestruck and spent a shitload of both time and money there. I wanted to go back for more of these, but I didn't have time. I believe they're an American company, and they sell mostly mica pigments in collection format. The powders can be used in all sorts of ways. The three I have are beautiful. They catch the light nicely. They go on smoothly. The pots don't have sifters, so you have to be a little bit careful, but I actually prefer it. They're not cheap (it can be about 15 USD per colour), but a little goes a long way.
3. Coastal Scents Shadows

Y'all had to know this was coming. At number three, Coastal Scents Shadow Pots. I did a Top 20 post on these recently, you can find it if you go back a bit. I find it hard to find new things to say. I feel kinda redundant right now. They're smooth. They're pigmented. Most have about as much fallout as a MUG/MUFE shadow does. They have a whole host of colours and finishes to choose from. Their website is really easy to navigate. They're 1.95 USD a piece (you cannot argue with that). My one gripe? they have a little boast on their site that they ship "worldwide". They don't. Not where I live, for example. I hate that companies can advertise something like that; such bold statement, and have it be BS. That aside, I love these shadows, and I would order more if I could.
2. Makeup Geek shadows

My apologies. I did not realize most of my beauty things were in such shambles. Powder everywhere and shadows flaking and packaging slowly disintegrating. Well loved y'all, well loved is what it is. Honestly I don't think I have to sell ANYONE on the awesomeness of Makeup Geek shadows. People with a lot more fame/credibility/talent/power/creativity have done so for ages. For me though, this little 9 piece was a huge investment. I'm not sure if I did a full post on these shadows, but it did set me back a pretty penny. So I waited and waited, and eventually caved. When choosing shades I only bought ones that were tried and true and that i'd seen used over and over again (plus Blacklight, but who couldn't see the potential in that right away?!). They didn't disappoint. I regret Peach Smoothie, as it is just too light for me, but everything else from Cosmopolitan to Cocoa Bear is a hit. It's a palette that I pull from a lot, so I really rate it highly.
1. (no you will not have guessed this) Qianyu Shadows

Right about now, you're going "what the what now?!", and you will be right to do so. Lol. Qianyu was a find for me. I was studying at the time, and couldn't afford much, and this crapstore .. well, I say crapstore in the best sense .. sold all kinds of off-brand makeup. I saw these two palettes, and thought, 5 bucks each, why not? and SHAKABUIY! My life was changed. No, not really. Just my eyeshadow game. These are .. these are ... these are .. oh bloody hell.. they are what I imagine MUG Foiled Shadows to be like, only much cheaper, and with a much greater variety of colours. Like pressed pigments, but not that entirely either. I can't explain what it feels like to stick your fingers into one of these shadows to try and swatch it. It's a bit messy, because it's so soft you know, but the pay-off is insane. Every colour is just true to form and punchy and opaque and magnificent. I had to throw out those old palettes, but I found a crapstore here that sells variations of them which you see in the photo. So ... I have no idea what they'll be price-wise if you find them. If you do though, make a flying tackle and get yourself one.
And that is that. Wow. We've come to the end of this series. What on earth am I going to post next beauty/makeup-wise???? if y'all have suggestions, please let me know. If there's something you'd like to see, again, let me know.
For now, imma clean all this shadows off myself, and my bed, and my couch, and put everything away again. Then see what 2016 has to offer.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Nush puts together: The BEST Budget/Drugstore/Highstreet/Affordable Coloured Eyeliners of 2015 (or of all time if you're feeling dramatic). TOP 10

Hi Guys,
today we are tackling coloured eyeliners. There are always a million reviews on black ones, but a lot of people do not use black (too harsh, too overpowering, doesn't fit their style- whatever). This post isn't about liquid liners, just pencils. I tried to get a mix of colours, but in the end I had to just pick the BEST formulas, irrespective of colour. This is also my only favourites list that follows a ranking system. Top 10 liners, with 1 being the absolute cherry on top.
Here they all are (yes I removed the in2it one):
Let's get started.
10. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Bronze

This is probably your best bet at the drugstore if you need a good neutral brown shade. The "Brown" shade is good too. They both apply smoothly, they're pigmented, very easy to use. Ultimately this one made the cut over brown because it is just that little bit more unique shade-wise.
9. Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl in Matita Occhi

This colour was surprising. I picked it up thinking I was going to find a million dupes for it, and I found none. It is a perfect hybrid between silver and grey. The longer I looked at it the more I started to think of the opening scene of the 50 Shades movie where he's pulling open his tie drawer. But that's neither here nor there. It's a silvery dove-grey, is what we're going with. It's also smooth, and comfortable to wear, though not as smooth as say the Silkygirl pencils.
8. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 'In The Nude'

I am used to buying the Scandaleyes nude pencil from Rimmel, but they were all out the last time I made it to an Australian pharmacy (the don't sell rimmel here), so I saw this and picked it up. I'm happy I did. This stays just as well on the waterline, which is my primary use for liners like this. It's smooth, but not too much so (so it doesn't just go sliding off once you've applied it). It's a bit soft for use in the tropics, is all i'll say. That's the case with a lot of liners and this kind of humidity. If you're looking for your Scandaleyes pencil, don't be afraid to try this one.  
7. BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Wine

I would have put money on the Zoeva pencil (it's an almost duo-chrome light purple) beating this one. On shutting this one down in fact. This BYS pencil came out of nowhere. Now i'm actually wearing it more because it's like a rediscovery . It's smooth, it's pigmented, it's not too soft and breakable, and the colour is beautiful. It was also dirt cheap, as I recall.
6.Zoeva Graphic Eyes in Nude Reflection

What an unusual colour. It's a taupey nude. Such a great all over the lid colour, or just a one-stop liner colour. It's smooth and pigmented and just as rich as the other colours in the line, but as you can probably see, it's a little bit too soft. What I mean by that is that it can ball up a little if you use too much pressure. You have to have a light hand with it. Otherwise? lovely.
5. Yves Rocher Botanical Colour Eye Pencil in Citron

Matte yellow loveliness. Unlike the vast majority of coloured pencil liners, especially in colours like yellow and orange and so on, this one isn't A-dry, B-glittery, C-sheer, D-difficult to work with. It is just as creamy as the other top liners I reviewed, with the same tiny price tag. In Frankfurt, on the Zeil there is an Yves Rocher store. We has always dismissed it because it looks way too fancy for the likes of us (lol, do y'all ever feel that way?), but I saw these liners advertised in the window, so we went in and BAM! coloured liner heaven. This takes the cake.
4. Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Electric Blue

Another one makes the cut! So after realizing how amazing these were, we went back a newer store (please let there be testers), and these were testers. However, we tried all the other colours, and these two remained in a class of their own. Even, weirdly, formula-wise. Just look at that colour and bask in it's loveliness. The formula is smooth, creamy, pigmented etc. Just all around a great pencil.
3. Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Taupe

Before I even compliled this list, I knew this pencil would be on it. Not just say on my list, but on my mom's, and my best friend's and etc etc. It's such a widely used pencil (blondes can use it in their brows, for example), and is a great alternative to black or brown liner. It's a colour that looks different in different lights, and pulls differently on different skin tones. It's just great.
2. Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Frosty Silver

another wow product for me, and even more unexpected than the last one. Silkygirl is a REALLY affordable brand. I tried this liner on a whim (they didn't even have testers in store.. well they had at one point, but y'al know how it goes with drugstore testers), and BAM. One shot= magic. If ever there was a "fairy dust" silver, this would be it. Ithas so much shine and sparkle without being chunky or glittery... I don't know how they do it. I put it up against other silver liners and products I own, but nothing compared at all.
1. Zoeva Graphic Eyes in Blue Lotus

 my notes on this liner are super helpful. They just say "wow". No seriously. That's it. After like a year of wearing this liner, every time I put it on I still think "wow". Which says a lot, in and of itself, but doesn't do jack shit for your impression of my linguistic prowess. This liner is soft. It is creamy. It glides on smoothly. Full opacity is a given. It is just "wow".
and now....
you may have noticed that I didn't mention lasting power with any of these, which is because i'm dedicating this little field test to that section. I can easily say that these all last, like you would want them to. But, if you say .. fell asleep with them on, or had a 16 hour day due to some other circumstance, how would they do? Let's have a look, shall we?
so this is the before picture. I sleep on my stomach, so I did the swatches above my knees where they would constantly be in contact with the sheet and rubbing against pillows and etc. So after a night of sleep, and a total of 18 hours of wear time, we were left with this:
Tell me that's not ridiculously impressive. A couple of colours, Wine most notably, have faded to an extent, but in general? knowing how I sleep? i'm impressed.
Anyway, that was it! I hope it helped, or was useful for you in some way. If you have requests, or suggestions of what I should do next, don't hesitate to let me know.
As always, stay strong and know that if something is up, and you need someone to talk to, you can always come to me.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Nush Puts Together: the BEST MOST AWESOME affordable Lip Chubby Pencil Thingees of 2015 (or of all time if you're dramatic) with lip swatches (updated)

Hi guys!
So as you can maybe tell from the title, i'm not sure what to call these things. I feel like "chubby sticks" has such a strong connection to the Clinique version of things. Lip Pencils sounds like, well, lip pencils. Lipsticks, plain, is taken. What what what? I will insert a picture here of them all, and y'all can figure out their proper name.
(yes those are lists of colours and features and information about all things chubby lip crayon- I take my research seriously)
Now unlike my other installments in this series, this is not really a "top 5" post. It's a TOP ___ that goes by colour family. So I've gone through the reds, the nudes, the vamps, and the pinks, and picked my favourites from each category. The number of said favourites in each category varies. Make sense? I hope so. I've taken a little longer over this post because A- it's long, B- lip swatches are a biatch and my lips are bleeding (no joke), C- Snape passed away, D- my aunty Marie passed away... yeah it's been a couple of nutso weeks. I hope the other Top 5 posts and Bipolar posts have been keeping y'all entertained. It's one of my resolutions to write more here, and so far, so good.
Let's do this thing.
Bourjois Color Boost in Red Sunrise

this is so smooth, and it goes on with a medium-balm adjacent shine. It doesn't smell of anything, and there's no drag. As you can see it's not opaque by any means, but it has just enough pigmentation to make it worth it.
Jordana Twist n Shine in rock n rouge

smells amazing; kind of fruity. Goes on semi-opaque, but it's easy to build up the colour intensity. This has a natural shine finish I'd call it- and absolutely no drag during application.
trend it up the metallic lipstick pen in 050

ah my metallic beauty. I'm not sure how widely available this is, anwhere they have a dm drugstore I guess (like in Germany, for instance), but if you can get hold of them, give them a try. I doubt you'd be disappointed. That metallic finish is better than a lot of higher end brands' metallic lippies.. y'all will probably know who I mean. No drag, great opacity, ...if you can just go get one.
collection urbanista lip crayon in urban angel

ultra pigmented, this is just .. yeesh. Creamy yeesh. That's my review. Lol. It has a nice amount of shine, and no scent...just awesome.
NYX Simply Vamp in Aphrodisiac (she devil broke)

my biggest gripe.. or my only gripe.. with these is that the colour of the tube, and the product don't match up with the colour you end up with on your lips. Aphrodisiac is not as pigmented or opaque as another shade I have called She Devil. I'd buy that one if I were you. The colour is rich, and smooth, and buildable.
trend it up the metallic lipstick pen in 070

this stuff needs a few coats. Putting it out there. It just does. But those coats ... oh man. The colour, the shimmer, the intensity.. gorgeous. Metallic finishes are so rare anyway, and these are great. Plus they cost around 4 buck mark which can't be beat. The shape of thse as well makes reapplication easy.
NYX Chunky Dunk in Pomegranate Margarita

the colour you see on the tube and on the product is exactly what you get on your lips. Thank you NYX, that was an awesome decision. This is quite sheer, but that's kind of the point of the formula- easy to touch up on the go, easy for anyone of any age group to wear, just easy. Has looking finish- like a blackberry juice colour.
Silkygirl Matte Fever in Vogue

So my notes read: smooth, creamy, opaque, vaguely sweet smelling- a darker rosy pink. Enough said.
Jordana Twist n Shine in Cranberry Crush

I think we've established that I love that fruity smell of these- not everyone will- but it does fade away after application, so no worries. This is sheer, but quite buildable, and it has a very sophisticated sheen- not glitter or sparkle- but sheen.
 3ce jumbo lip crayon in 02

No smell, no drag, very sheer light wash of baby pink, can be built up somewhat. Beautifully shiny-but-not-too-much type finish.
collection urbanista lip crayon in city belle

You have to really stop yourself from globing too much of this on. It is so creamy, and ultra pigmented. It goes on so smoothly, and doesn't have an obvious scent of any kind. This was an automatic YES.
Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Honey

Finally something kinda sheer I can wholeheartedly get behind. I have 5 of the colours, and I have to tell you they are not all the same. This one is the only one that made the cut (with a high recommendation from my mother, whose lips are very different from mine). Sheer, but buildable. The shine makes your lips look juicy. It has a vaguely minty scent/taste that I like, but for those who don't- it doesn't linger.
Silkygirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm in Wine
 Full colour with one swipe. Nice degree of shine, it doesn't feel like it's slipping off your lips 5 seconds after application. It can be blended out very nicely, for those looking for more of a wash of colour. A very sophisticated shade of pink.

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in Amazon Chic

Anyone looking for something quick and easy and throw-in-your-bag simplicity, this is may be for you (I did check in with my mom on ALL my swatches to get an opinion from someone in a more mature age group). It has a vanilla-ish scent, and goes on really softly but can be built up to show off the colour. A great colour-balm hybrid with mid-level-shine.
elf matte lipcolor in Praline and in Tea Rose

I love these. Their slimmer shape is great for forming the lip line. They are more of a semi-matte, than a true matte. That may be why they aren't as drying as your traditional matte lipstick. Praline is a warmer nude, Tea Rose is cooler. The packaging is so sleek they're easy to throw in your purse and go.
Insiti Glossy Lip Crayon in 15

Don't worry, at some point I will shoot myself in the hands myself so I can't type "smooth"/"pigmentation"/"no drag"/"opaque" anymore. Jeez. My vocabulary has just disappeared. Suggestions would be welcome :)
I'm hoping the swatches will show y'all a lot of what i'm trying to say. This crayon is so so smooth on application, but not very glossy. The colour is pretty warm toned, and you can get opaqueness happening if you layer it on enough.
3ce jumbo lip crayon in 01

almost more of a coral than a true nude (whatever each of those even means these days). Super pigmented. Can be blended out nicely. Has no discernable smell.
(hhmm) Revlon Colorburst Laquer Balm in Coy

to be honest? this didn't make my list. Then my mom tried it, and she insisted (!) that it should be. Barely any pigmentation, mid-level glossy; but beloved. So it doesn't settle into the lines on your mouth, or bleed outside the lip line, and it's easy to touch up on the go. So yeah, somethings to think about. What isn't great for me, could be great for all sorts of people.


Well sort of. This series continues (I hope it will be useful for some of you), but yeah this makeup chubby crayon edition thingee is now over. I absolutely intend to go read a dictionary before the next installment (and apply some lipbalm. I may use a shovel).