Thursday, 12 February 2015

5 second movie review: 50 Shades of Grey

Hi Guys,
here's a 5 second review of the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It's fucking sexy. The end.
I kid, but it is. Sam Taylor-Johnson did a fantastic job handling the subject matter, directing her actors, and making the movie its own entity, freed from the terrible prose of the books.
Dakota and Jamie have so much chemistry from the get go, it's just great to watch them. It's literally explosive chemistry.
I was prepared to rag on this film, like I ragged on the books (still terrible), but I really enjoyed it. If you can "enjoy" something like this.
It was hot. Steamy. Sexy. And best of all you felt like it was kind of equally a part of the female gaze as the male's. You could definitely tell a woman directed it; it hit all the right notes, judging from my own, and the reactions of the women in the audience.
I was surprised to see someone from just about every walk of life in the theater. A mother with her daughters. An elderly couple. A business man. A group of guys in suits. A young couple. Everyone.
Rating?? A-

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Optomertry of a Photograph: Exhaustion

Hi Guys,
I almost feel like there should be a full stop after that. I can't even think straight anymore. Anyone else? it can't just be those of us who are Bipolar. I just cannot deal anymore.
I had a fixed place at a university to study photography at the end of February, and then through some left-hand-not-talking-to-right-hand bullshit, they postponed my spot to September. Now I don't trust them at all, and am having to research and apply to 500 other schools looking for someone who will look past my (previously mentioned) crappy grades, and take me based on my portfolio and current status. When I was in uni previously I was at the height of my disorder, untreated, and it was an unmitigated disaster.
That was .... seven bloody years ago. Now each application is costing 50-200 USD (about 250-600 of my currency ... a coke is 1.50 here too, so you can imagine), and everyone is wanting my old highschool record sent directly from my old schools (who no longer have said records because it was 15 years ago for fucks sake), or from the issuing bodies in Britain. Who want 45 pounds (200 bucks) for each certificate sent off.
They also want both mailed and FAXED copies of all my transcripts, application forms, form from my dad's bank, health checks, portfolios, statements of intent, previous course descriptions for each paper undertaken, etc etc etc.
I want to scream.
Or cry.
Or both.
It's so overwhelming I just ... I don't know what to do. And all the "contact us"/ "help" forms lead you back to "please check our website for more information", which helps fuck all do .. well .. fuck all.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Makeup by nush: Hangover Rescue

Hi Guys,
I hope you all had a great New Years Eve. I stayed home, as predicted, but I had fun with my mother and Oma, and after everyone went to bed I played some Mass Effect, read a book, and listened to all the booming fireworks.... until 6am, then I went to bed. Hah.
Anyway, to the point of this post. Some of you may have things to do today, you may need to go into work, or meet the girls/guys for lunch, or you just want to not look like shit hanging around the house (that'd be me, and yes, it's because my brother and his friends are here, otherwise i'd be makeupless, braless, pantsless... no wait. No.)
So here is the look I created just for these kind of hangovery occasions using all drugstore products.

Step One: if you want/need to apply a base, try a BB cream, or something light that you can shmear on with your fingers. Here I used the Garnier Hautklar BB cream (i'd give it like a C grade).
Step Two: add concealer and/or brightener under the eyes. I used the Maybelline dark circle eraser thingee with the sponge (A grade).
Step three: add a nude liner to your waterline to open up the eyes, I used one by Catrice (A). Rimmel makes a good one too.
Step Four: pick out two shadows, one light and one a few steps darker. Avoid pinks, purples, and anything too dark/warm. They will only exacerbate bloodshot/dry eyes. Here I used two singles by Catrice (B). Apply the light colour to your lid and browbone, the darker shade in the crease and outer corner. Blend. You could use shades out of a palette to make it easy.
Step Five: apply slightly more blush than you normally would. I used the Sleek Faceform kit in Light (A). The blush is shimmery and rosy and perfect; you won't need to add highlighter as well. This will help waken up the skin and disguise a multitude of sins.
Step Six: apply something BOLD on the lips. I used Pink Pong by Bourgois (A+), but feel free to pick any loud colour. This will draw the focus to your lips and away from dehydrated skin and tired eyes.
Step Seven (the most important): curl your lashes. Then curl them again. Apply several coats of mascara. If it starts to clump run through the lashes with a spooley. You want them bold, and you want them black; top and bottom. This will go a long way to opening up your eyes and making you look more awake. I used Maybelline's The Rocket Volume Express (A). 
and BAM. You're done.
I hope this helps some of you, as always.
Welcome to 2015 :)

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Makeup by nush: New Years / Night Out / Date Night / Party looks

Hi Guys,
so I have been doing a couple of New Years looks on my Instagram, and I figured i'd transplant them here. Might give someone some ideas. I've tried to make them as varied as possible, but I also just bought a set of mini Femme Fatale pigments, so they kinda feature heavily.
Picturage (before I ramble you to death):

I hope that was .... um ... inspiring? interesting? funny (for some reason my Oma thinks all my makeup looks are ridiculously haha-funny)? I don't know.
What I do know is that I hope you all had a good Christmas, and wish you all the best in the new year :)

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Optometry of a Photograph: pretty sidewalks

Hi Guys,
I don't know why I always end up posting bipolar related blogs around the holidays or my birthday or .. you know, occasions that are supposed to be blissful and happy and joyous and whateverthefuck.
Maybe because of the whateverthefuck. That seems to somehow creep in, no matter how hard I try, and it just flattens me.
I LOVE Christmas. I love putting up the tree (or trees, in my house- one personal tree in the guest room for my Oma), I love decorating the cookies, I love the music, the getting and receiving of gifts, I love it all. Then Christmas day comes, and ... everything I'm missing seems to be glaringly obvious.
Is it like that for any of you?
I realized about a week or two ago that I am still in love with this guy who dumped me almost 3 YEARS ago. Like seriously. By text message even. He is one of my brother's friends, so I left it up to him to spin the breakup story how he wanted to.
Probably a mistake.
But I have carried this feeling, this love, this heartache, this pain, this bewilderment (it was like one day to the next; fine to dumping time) for YEARS. PLURAL.
Who does that? especially when they've been treated so awfully. I don't even know. Right this second, my brother's friends have arrived. They're going to be drinking and partying and having fun. You know what i'll be doing? in my Christmas makeup, and my nice clothes...? staying home in front of the computer by myself (just as I did last year, and the year before, and the year before, and so on).
It's such a weight to carry. Such a weight. (and yes, Frodo said it first).
I don't know how ... I don't know why ... this having of good friends thing... it's not something I've ever been able to manage. Reckon that'll tell you more about me than I'd like. I live a solitary life, but in my mind, I'm not a solitary person. Y'all know what I mean? I probably live in my head so much because it's so much easier and lighter and less painful than it is in this one. And that fact is just driven home every year around this time.
I feel sad like I can't explain. Sad-tired. Sad-frustrated. Sad-weepy. Sad-moody. Sad-drowning in my own tears. SAD.
I wish I didn't have this sadness. I wish I didn't have this envy. I wish I didn't have this heaviness that settles over me.
I read something someone posted on Instagram yesterday (@nushinspacemakeup)and it struck a chord.
Paraphrased, it said: You can't expect people to treat you the way you treat them because they don't have the same heart as you do.
It got me thinking about this love that I have, and this sadness that I carry, and this aloneness that I feel. So much of it is just because my feelings are unrequited or dismissed, or not recognized at all. Maybe if I adopted the aforementioned mantra, I could just let go of some of these things I've been holding onto for far too long.
Love is hard though. But I'm going to try. Whateverthefuck. 
I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Optometry of a photograph: Headspace

If you know, what it’s like to be out on the curb,
Then you know my story.

If you don’t care if you have young or get old,
Then you know my story.

If your every effort seems to pale,
Then you know my story.

If they’ve looked through you and laughed,
Then you know my story.

If you've looked through them and cried,
Then you know my story.

If your glories lie by the wayside,
Then you know my story.

If your care is for the happiness of others, and the destruction of yourself,
Then you know my story.

If you give your best, yet lose every fight,
Then you know my story.

If the world doesn’t notice those fights to begin with,
Then you know my story.

If you know my story, 
alas it all disappears. 


Friday, 3 October 2014

Makeup by nush: reviewing Garnier's 5sec Perfect Blur

Hi Guys,
long time no see! (err read, I guess?) I posted a little (huge) makeup look-book recently, but I felt compelled (COM-FUCKING-PELLED) to review this product, after about a month of working with it (trying to make it work, more like). I'm a firm believer that you need a few weeks/ about a dozen or more uses to properly review a makeup product, and about 1-3 months of use for skincare reviews. So if I review either of those things (as I tend to do), know that I have given it a fair go.
So the product in question is the "Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur", or as the German half of the package reads: "Optischer 5sek Retuschierer". It means the same thing. Anyway it claims to smooth, perfect, and prime the skin/ "glaettendes, korrigierendes finish". As you've probably guessed, I bought this product while I was in Germany. It's quite funny because I went there thinking the market would be flooded with primers like it is in the States, and this was the ONLY primer on sale anywhere. I don't have the box anymore, but all it says on the back is the apply after your day cream.
Now I have tried this stuff in several ways. Applied after my morning serum. Applied after a day cream (though I don't usually use a day cream). Applied on its own after cleansing the face. Applied and then immediately doing my makeup. Applied after a setting spray. Applied and left to soak in for a few minutes, and then done my makeup. Applied and then left for about a half hour, AND THEN done my makeup. And all combinations thereof.
Point is, none of them worked. The exact same thing happened every single time I used this product. And i'll show you what it is:

Can y'all see that? I hope you can. Any makeup (powder/liquid/cream/gel) I try to put over it turns into flakes ... almost like fish scales on the skin. I don't even have dry skin, it's combination-oily. I thought at first that it was because I was in Germany and the air was drier, but then I came to Malaysia where it's humid as, and it performed exactly the same way.
I've seen good reviews of the American version of this product, and I'm not sure if they are the same formulation, or if there is a difference (probably not), but this product DID NOT work for me. AT ALL. EVER.
As such, I can't recommend it. Steer clear, and try something else.  
- 1/10