Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Makeup by nush: PART TWO, Drugstore Foundation Review Series (p2, Garnier BB, Beauty UK, Essence)

Hi Guys,
welcome to the second instalment of my foundation review series. I had to stop after the last few foundations because I was literally ruining my skin. It's not great now, but I figured I'd get on with the series anyway. This test will be slightly different because now I'm in a tropical climate- bring on the mattifying foundations! Sweat, heat, humidity, sunshine; the whole nine yards. I expect at least some of the products to live up to their claims, but... we shall see.
A look again at my bare skin (for reference against all the foundation photos):

(i'm trying to pretend it's for science.. ugh)
On to the foundations!
p2 Ultra Matte 24Hours makeup
The claims (and there are quite a few... up to 24 hour hold. Small micro-spheres absorb oil and enable a comfortable wear. SpectraFlex pigments provide a blurred effect. Colour doesn't wipe off and is waterproof. No mask-like appearance. Doesn't block pores. Oil free.
I applied this with a damp Real Techniques sponge, and it went on smoothly and evenly, and covered all my spots and scars (and it has a pump).

As you can see in these pictures, right after application, this foundation looked fantastic. It wasn't completely matte, but it looked natural. Today was hot, and sweaty, and I did dab the area around my nose and upper lip several times with a towel. Midday it started to look a little shiny, but nothing major. It holds up well if you're sitting under a fan :)
At the end of the day, let's say 6-8 hours later (I don't know who wears foundations for 24 hours) it looked like this:
Shiny-ish! the matte effect just did not hold up too well. It remained fine on the outer part of my cheeks where the blemishes and scars were, but the middle of my face was oily as. Despite that, it managed to still cover up my imperfections, and it didn't break me out, so those are pluses. It also felt like nothing on the skin; I forgot to take it off until much later. I didn't set this with a powder (I want to see the foundation at work), so that may help the mattification.
Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Hautklar
Hautklar= skin clearing, right off the bat. This contains  2% Salicylic acid, Mineral Pigments, and has SPF 15. It's supposed to even out your skin tone, and help fight pimples and acne at the same time. It also claims to mattify, reduce the look of pores, and moisturize.
Here it is first applied:
As you can see in the first photo, this product was already struggling against all the sweat beading on my face. The second photo shows that it does, initially, do a pretty good job at covering up imperfections. I don't think if you have moderate to severe acne this would be for you, it's just too light, coverage-wise. Now halfway through the day:
I was starting to get shiny, and some of my spots were showing through. At the end of the day:
As you can see, my pores seemed to be even more visible, my skin was reflecting light like a disco ball, and I felt like I had more spots than I had in the morning when I put this stuff on. That might just be the nature of Salicylic acid though- one of those get worse before it gets better things- but still. This didn't hold up to a single on of it's claims, and I do not recommend it.
(only because it's a bit better than the Rivel de Loop from the first Part of this series)
Beauty UK Matte-Fx Foundation
 Now this is a brand I'd never heard of before, so I was curious to try it out. It says it "Effortlessly helps control shine and gives skin a soft matte finish for up to 12 hours". First impression? it takes quite a bit of product to cover your whole face. I do appreciate it being in a little squeezy tube as opposed to a bottle without a pump. It's also slim, and light, and could be great for travel. Though honestly I don't give a rat's ass about packaging :) The product itself went on a little bit patchy, but nothing major. Here are a couple shots after initial application:

 The skin is still a little shiny, but in person it has a natural, not ultra-matte finish. Then about 2 hours in...

this happened. Sweat started beading on my skin, the foundation started breaking down and getting EVEN MORE patchy. It was kind of a disaster. It claims up to 12 hour wear .. I wonder how much that was extrapolated. Will there just be some bits of foundation left after 12 hours? Thankfully I don't actually feel the foundation sitting on my face, so I may make it to the 8 hour mark.
And in the end:
this stuff was barely clinging to life after about 5-6 hours. It didn't help that it was a couple shades too dark, but it does in photos because you can see precisely where the foundation is sitting. I'm not as shiny as I was with the Garnier Hautklar, but ... no. This is also a no for me.

essence Stay all day 16 hr long-lasting make-up
"the long-lasting and light weight make-up provides flawless, silky complexion that lasts all day! easy to apply due to the soft texture. Dermatologically approved". That's the spiel. I have to say though, upon first application, I am loving this stuff. It's got a pump, and is a slightly thicker formula. I blended it out with a damp Real Techniques sponge, and it was both buildable and gave great smooth coverage, and was easy to blend. Some pictures:

go back and compare that to my bare skin, and you'll see what a difference this made. Now all that remains is to see how it holds up.
End of the day photos:
this is the best one so far, out of all the foundations I've tested. My face got a little shiny towards afternoon and evening (this doesn't claim to be a mattifying product anyway), but the coverage really held up, and it didn't appear cakey or like I was wearing anything at all. I don't know about 16 hours, but in this tropical heat machine it held up 6-8 hours just fine. I think with a setting powder this would make it through the whole day with no problems. Consider me pleasantly surprised (for once).
And that concludes Part Two. Again, I have to do about a thousand face masks and give my skin a massive break. I have three more foundations to review, so that will conveniently fall into Part Three. I hope as always this was in some way helpful to you, or that you learned something today to inform your purchases. Stay tunes for Part Three.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Chit Chat Yellow Gold Drugstore Eye Makeup Look (Video)

Hi Guys,
so i decided to try the whole Youtube Beauty Video thing (yes, it's a 'thing') again with something very very simple. I hate that it's as long as it is, but that kind of happens when I'm talking my way through things.
Anyway, the look is yellow and gold and orange, and an epic false lash fail... which I left in there anyway. It happens to everyone, I promise.

I hope you find it .... hmmm ... let's go with 'not entirely crap'.



Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Makeup by nush: reviewing drugstore foundations PART ONE (MaxFactor, Maybelline, Alverde, Catrice, Rival de Loop)

Hi Guys,
so since I started my review of Zoeva brushes: http://nushinspace.blogspot.de/2014/05/makeup-by-nush-reviewing-complete-brush.html  I've been reviewing all the makeup I bought to test them out with. That post is still under construction, but after awhile I thought it might be fun to do a separate post on drugstore foundations, because I've accumulated quite a few for the cause. I've tried each of these with brushes and the Real Techniques complexion sponge, and I've been using them diligently and trying them out since I've been here in Germany. I've also tried not to used setting powders and too much other makeup, to make sure the foundation was as much on display as possible. 
 The toughest part has been trying to photograph my own cheeks properly, AND wearing the really crappy products out for the entire day. That said, the results have been quite interesting.

First, my bare face, left and right:


I woke up with blisters on my top cheek a few days ago (a new mothball allergy) that's thankfully going away, plus I have spots to cover on both sides. This will give you a guide to coverage as we test out all the foundations and BB cream things.

MaXfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation spf 20
If all that waffle sounds familiar, it's because it probably is. MaXfactor is the sister company to Covergirl, so this is basically the Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 sold in Europe. So basically I had high high high hopes for this stuff. 
I used the 102 Silk Finish brush and downward strokes on the right side, and the 104 Buffer brush on the left in circular motions. I used two pumps to cover my whole face.

 You can see it's kind of drying, but it covers decently enough. It may have gone better if I had dotted the product on my face, instead of using it from the back of my hand. Overall I think the downward strokes were the way to go, and maybe less product. My mother said cake-faced, and that was after I had blotted it off with a tissue and everything.
End of the day:
You can see it kind of broke down, and especially on the bottom cheek my spots are showing through. This is not suitable for those with drier skins, it emphasized every dry patch I had, and it's not easy to blend products over it. Overall I'm not that impressed.

Maybelline Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream
So i'll read you the 8 things this product claims to do; clear acne, conceal imperfections, minimize look of pores, reduce redness, adjust to skin tone, hydrate and smooth, enhance and clarify skin, and it's oil free and feels lightweight.
Some pictures:
I HATE this product. Like literally hate. I don't think it lives up to many of its claims, and it just looks like a mess on the skin. It doesn't conceal anything, or affect pore appearance, or hydrate in any way shape or form. It does feel lightweight, i'll give it that, but otherwise it has done nothing for my skin. I've tried this with fingers, brushes, over a primer, and with the complexion sponge, and nothing has made this not suck.
Any dry patches become Saharan, oily spots aren't mattified at all, and pore size looks the same as always. All my spots show through, and in a dry cracking kind of way (like after you've had benzoyl peroxide on all night and haven't washed it off), and this just give zero coverage.
Just say no.

Alverde Naturkosmetik Mineral Makeup
So the claims: Verleiht der haut einen seidig-matten Teint (a silky matte finish), die cremige Formulierung passt sich dem natürlichem Ton Ihrer Haut an und deckt Rötungen und Unebenheiten zuverlässig ab (the creamy formula adjusts to skin's own tone, and covers redness and unevenness), natürliche Mineralien erfrischen Ihren Teint und lassen ihn täglich neu erstrahlen (natural minerals freshen the foundation and let it work anew every day). It also contains apricot and peach extracts, jojoba oil, argon oil, and shea butter to care for your skin, and is free of synthetic preservatives.

All that and this thing cost me about 3 or 4 Euros. Seriously. The dm markt is one of my favourite places on earth to shop. Some pictures:

 Pretty decent coverage, and I dotted it on and then blended it with my damp Real Techniques sponge. Apparently (I go around asking people to look at my face... really) it looked slightly powdery up close, but really good from a reasonable distance. So I didn't powder this or put any other products on top. Now after a few hours in the sun (it's ridiculously hot out here), the coverage was more like this:
My spots are kinda showing through, and the foundation has slid around a bit, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed. AND it was still matte despite the sweating and the heat and the face wiping and the etc. Overall I'd say if you have errands to run, or something that's only going to take you a few hours, this is great. It's matte, but it wears down to a very natural finish. Heat and humidity will break it down, but like I said, for everyday it's a dandy little thing for the price.

Catrice Matt Mousse Makeup
I like to apply mousse foundations with my fingers, I just find it melts the product into the skin better, and gives a better result. Some pictures:

Obviously the 'after' shots. It lasted about 4-5 hours before it looked like this. It started off looking pretty damn good. I accidentally erased those photos, sorry. The texture is so silky and smooth, and it went on the skin like butter. What I will say is that it catches on dry spots. I suspect with a setting powder, this would suit someone with oilier skin. You'd have to touch up with powder, but for the finish and the price? it might be worth picking up.
 Rival de Loop Multi Effekt Make-up 5 in 1
Now as far as I know this brand, Rival de Loop, is bound to a drugstore here called Rossmann. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Rossmann, but this stuff is BLEGH. Massively, majorly, horribly, BlEGH. It claims to have a "BB-Effekt". It mattifies, reflects light, moisturizes, evens out skin tone, and cares for your skin with Panthenol. It's also perfume free and "for all skin types". Honest to god, nobody cares. This stuff is so bad I can't believe I've never heard about it in that sense before. Avoid at all costs. I'll show you the photographic evidence:
The last photo is upon first application, and is therefore fine. The other two .... can you see? can you? It was so patchy and uneven. It came off if I even touched my face, and practically rolled off during the day. It did not moisturize or mattify... it might have reflected the light onto its awfulness, I don't know. It was obvious enough. And I had to walk around town all day with this shit on my face. Did I mention BLEGH?! Hello dustbin.

So after testing these products out, I broke out like crazy, and my skin became a vat of awfulness, so I had to take a break, ergo, there will be a Part Two, and maybe even a part Three. We'll see.

For now, I hope this helps someone on the hunt for a new drugstore foundation, or if you were just curious about some of these. Thanks for reading, and watch out for the next installment.