Saturday, 25 October 2014

Optometry of a photograph: Headspace

If you know, what it’s like to be out on the curb,
Then you know my story.

If you don’t care if you have young or get old,
Then you know my story.

If your every effort seems to pale,
Then you know my story.

If they’ve looked through you and laughed,
Then you know my story.

If you've looked through them and cried,
Then you know my story.

If your glories lie by the wayside,
Then you know my story.

If your care is for the happiness of others, and the destruction of yourself,
Then you know my story.

If you give your best, yet lose every fight,
Then you know my story.

If the world doesn’t notice those fights to begin with,
Then you know my story.

If you know my story, 
alas it all disappears. 


Friday, 3 October 2014

Makeup by nush: reviewing Garnier's 5sec Perfect Blur

Hi Guys,
long time no see! (err read, I guess?) I posted a little (huge) makeup look-book recently, but I felt compelled (COM-FUCKING-PELLED) to review this product, after about a month of working with it (trying to make it work, more like). I'm a firm believer that you need a few weeks/ about a dozen or more uses to properly review a makeup product, and about 1-3 months of use for skincare reviews. So if I review either of those things (as I tend to do), know that I have given it a fair go.
So the product in question is the "Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur", or as the German half of the package reads: "Optischer 5sek Retuschierer". It means the same thing. Anyway it claims to smooth, perfect, and prime the skin/ "glaettendes, korrigierendes finish". As you've probably guessed, I bought this product while I was in Germany. It's quite funny because I went there thinking the market would be flooded with primers like it is in the States, and this was the ONLY primer on sale anywhere. I don't have the box anymore, but all it says on the back is the apply after your day cream.
Now I have tried this stuff in several ways. Applied after my morning serum. Applied after a day cream (though I don't usually use a day cream). Applied on its own after cleansing the face. Applied and then immediately doing my makeup. Applied after a setting spray. Applied and left to soak in for a few minutes, and then done my makeup. Applied and then left for about a half hour, AND THEN done my makeup. And all combinations thereof.
Point is, none of them worked. The exact same thing happened every single time I used this product. And i'll show you what it is:

Can y'all see that? I hope you can. Any makeup (powder/liquid/cream/gel) I try to put over it turns into flakes ... almost like fish scales on the skin. I don't even have dry skin, it's combination-oily. I thought at first that it was because I was in Germany and the air was drier, but then I came to Malaysia where it's humid as, and it performed exactly the same way.
I've seen good reviews of the American version of this product, and I'm not sure if they are the same formulation, or if there is a difference (probably not), but this product DID NOT work for me. AT ALL. EVER.
As such, I can't recommend it. Steer clear, and try something else.  
- 1/10

Friday, 19 September 2014

Makeup by nush: recent look omnibus

Hi Guys,
sorry I haven't posted in so long. Firstly, I got into a photography academy! yay! in Germany .... in German ... aaaaaahhhh! I've basically never written in German, and I don't read much either so ... aaaaaahhhh! Secondly, my mother had dengue fever. I cannot tell you how worried I was. You already know I'm  obsessed with everyone I loves mortality (my Oma, my dog, my mum, my dad, etc etc), and she was in hospital for more than a week. It was awful. AND THEN we went on safari in Tanzania for 2 weeks. The best couple of weeks in my whole life. No joke. I think my camera was going the whole time. What a wonderful place to go on safari. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN I got an anaphylactic reaction to something in a box of hair dye, and my face swelled up to about 5 times the size, my eyes puffed up and swelled shut, I had difficulty breathing .. it was scary. So, again to the hospital (I swear we need to buy shares we're there so often). It took over a week for everything to subside ... I must have looked in the mirror maybe once, and never again. I just kept this mantra going in my brain "please let me get my face back, please let me get my face back, please let me get my face back".
Anyway, that's what has been going on with me. What have y'all been up to? and yes, I really want to know. If you feel like sharing whatever it is, I'm here to listen.
So I thought in this post I would just post a whole load of makeup looks I've been doing because I'm now on Instagram (yay-ish): so come follow me at 'eyesonlybabymua' (obviously minus the quote marks). If you'd like a product list of any of the looks, or if you'd like a video/picture tutorial, or if you just like any of them and want to tell me so, let me know on Instagram or in the comments :)
Without further ado:

I hope you like them.


Makeup by nush: European Drugstore Makeup Haul + reviews

Hi Guys,
so most of you know i'm doing a giant Zoeva brush review alongside this post. I am currently in Germany, and I didn't bring any makeup with me, so I went out and bought all new stuff, all of it at the drugstore (highstreet). So while i'm reviewing the brushes I'm reviewing the makeup as well, so this will be a huge haul + review post.
First up, an eyeshadow quad from Catrice, a eyeshadow base from Essence, and an eyeliner from p2.
I used them to create this look:

The Fantastic Chrome Kajal in Golden Amber by p2, really is fantastic. It has quite a metallic finish, and even over all that shadow it really stood out. Plus it lasted in my waterline, which always means top marks- 9/10. 
 The Catrice Quad in Never Let Me Go swatches terribly, especially that golden-pinky colour I bought it for. As it is, that's the weakest colour of the bunch, the strongest being that dark brown. The shadows are quite chalky, and overall I wasn't very impressed- 6/10.
 Now, the I <3 Stage eyeshadow base is great. It made  those shadows so much more vibrant, they lasted all day without creasing, and it was such a super cheap product. It also didn't pull or pill or crumble in the face of my ridiculously dry eyelids- 9/10. 

Next we have a much more involved full-face look using these products:
        I actually used a couple more brushes, just to try them out, but this is the core collection of items I used.
The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (in fair) is a great little thing. It's brightening, it lasts, takes a while before setting into fine lines, and I don't really mind the sponge tip applicator. That said, it does eventually settle into those lines- 8/10.
The Essence all about Matt! Fixing Compact Powder feels a bit dry in the pan. There is a bit of powder that kicks up when you put your brush in, but it's nothing noteworthy. It did not, however, stand up to the oiliness around my cheeks and nose by the end of the day:

You can see that I am rather shiny, but I also didn't touch up the powder during the day, so make of that what you will- 6.5/10
Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder for Darker Skin in - 020 deep bronze sucks. It SUCKS BALLS. It is so orange, and so pigmented in its orangeyness, that you really need to tap your brush to hell. You cannot contour with this shit, though I tried. In the end I bronzed my temples and nose and chin and did a bit of all-around bronzing, because the contouring was just ...aaaaah. It's not very blendable, it's tough to get open, it's just ... fatality- 0/10.
By contrast the Essence Blush Up Powder Blush in 10 Heat Wave is a nifty little product. It feels satiny, is double ended and you can get quite a few looks with it, and it is decently pigmented, but not so much that you have to approach the thing with oven mitts. It's a really beautiful blush and I don't have anything bad to say about it- 8.5/10.
Like its golden cousin the p2 Fantastic ChromeKajal in 050 Smokey Moonstone is a beautiful colour, stays in the waterline, glides on smoothly with the lightest pressure, great- 9/10.
For my lips I used the Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint. The colour hung around on my hand for ages, so I had high hopes for it lasting on my lips. You need the slightest amount to get full-colour on your lips, but it does not hang around. Drink something, eat something, play with your lips a little .. and it goes. And it goes unevenly and patchily. It definitely needs reapplying (which I am waaaay too lazy to do)- 6.5/10.
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24Hr in Ultra Violet is another one I had huge hopes for. I have the black version, and that is great. This one? not so much. It's dry. I hope I just got a dud, but it is DRY. I used both the 315 fine liner, and the 317 wing liner brushes, and it was skipping with both. I tried short strokes, long strokes, whatever, it just did not work- 6/10.
Saved the best for last. The Maybelline Big Eyes by Eyestudio in 04 Luminous Blue is orgasmic. The blue is stunning, but the other colours are no slouches either. You can create so many different looks, the pigmentation is top notch, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I now have 3/4 of these. Pictures:

The one picture has that ultra violet liner because I was testing it out, not because it was part of the look. I will be getting number four- 9.5/10.  

For today's look, I used these products:
 I've already talked to you about the base and the blush, and head on over to my Zoeva brush article to find out about the brushes themselves:
So the only makeup I have to talk about are the Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows in 090 Nougat it Right and 020 Gold n' Roses. This is how they look swatched:
Extra large so you can hopefully even see them. Gold n' Roses does not swatch well. It's light. It's chunky. It feels dry. Nougat it Right comes off with a lot more pigmentation and is more shimmery than chunky, but also feels dry in the pan. BUT on top of the Essence primer they both perform beautifully. You get that metallic effect they talk about and both colours, Gold n' Roses catches the light especially well. I used the blush on my eyes along with both shadows, and that was it for this eye look:

 I then played around with my last Maybelline Big Eyes by Eyestudio quad in Luminous Purple.

In this particular look:

I used that awful Catrice bronzer as an all-over lid colour up into the crease as a base, and it worked out beautifully. So there, it's been saved from the bin.
In this darker look:

You can see, the pigmentation is pretty good, though I'd venture to say not as good as my other two quads. You really have to build up the darker purple colour. I love my purples, but this one ... hhmmm. I'm much more fond of the grey-ish lilac colour at the bottom. It's soft and stunning at the same time. These shadows are all so soft, so they blend like a dream, but remember to dust off the excess.

I bought and tested a lot of other things while I was in Germany, but with all the 'holidaying' going on, I kind of couldn't keep up with my looks and reviews. So now, much much MUCH later, i'm just going to post what I did do, as i've been neglecting this blog for precisely that reason for ages. 

I hope you found some of this useful/interesting. As always, if there's anything you'd like me to review, or a certain makeup look you'd like me to do, just let me know.